Phase is a online FPS game that is scifi related. This game is unqiue with such features as pushing a payload or capturing different objectives. We also added in chat and other things like more maps so you could have more fun. Also some of its features is like low gravity and no gravity and various things like that.

This game a multiple characters and guns to choose from and you can earn cosmetics by mythical loot bags.

There will be a ranking system thats account based and there will be ingame chat and voice chat and other vasrious things.

Make Me A Sammich - CFN Game Jam 2017

Wanted to ever work like a cook? Make sandwiches? Well then you've come to the right place! Here at Make Me A Sammich you get to make various sandwiches in different places and work as a cook! You also get order tickets and have to work quickly. Are you up for the job?


Flicker - Ludum Dare 39


InkStream is a co-op 2D vector art game. The point of the game is to get as many kills as possible and ink as much turf as possible.